Leather Garden Gloves "planto Flex", 2 sizes (M/L)

Real work gloves that give good grip and feel

planto flex, size L

planto flex, size L

Very comfortable and flexible gardening glove for heavy duty garden chores. The planto Flex is a highly protective glove when working in the garden. Thanks to the very flexible yet strong material these quality garden gloves fit your hands perfectly. The cuffs close off well and prevent dirt from getting into the gloves.

As a strong garden glove it is particularly suitable for hard work during which your hands need safe protection. Despite the strength of the material it is breathable and allows good ventilation. Nettles, brambles and even stronger thorns have noch chance to hurt.

  • Garden gloves for wet and dirty work
  • With strong waterproof latex coating
  • Ideal for cleaning up
  • Good thorn and splinter protection
  • Available in 4 sizes: 7 (S), 8 (M) 10 (L) 11 (XL)
  • Material: seamless polyester knit, Latex
  • No harmful substances according to EN 420
  • Art.-No. 90513 - 90514
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