Wheelbarrow Bag 'Jumbo', 250 l

Jumbo-size wheelbarrow bag

Wheelbarrow Bag 'Jumbo', 250 l

Wheelbarrow Bag 'Jumbo', 250 l

Jumbo-size wheelbarrow bag or garden collector for multiple purposes! Fits into regular wheelbarrows and increases their capacity. Also ideal in the horse barn for moving horse feed or storing tack and rugs. Great help on construction sites, for chores around the house, for convenient transportation in the car.

planto's Wheelbarrow Bag stands upright for easy filling and leaves hands free for work. It withstands even rough treatment and can be dragged without tearing. Made of heavy duty woven PP with double stitched seams. Additional straps for easy tipping over and emptying.

Increases the capacity of your wheelbarrow by 250%! Folds into very small size and can be stored easily. Ideal for collecting grass trimmings, leaves, debris, hay and straw, horse feed and shavings.

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