Fleeces for Spring time

Weather protection for sensitive plants.

Plant Protection in Spring

Rich harvest, best plant protection

planto gardening fleeces take care of a good spring start for your plants. Whether in the form of well-fitting fleece hoods, large fleece blankets or as a convenient plant tunnel: planto's fleeces for the garden provide effective spring protection against frost, heavy rain, drying out or sun-burn. Even against deer browsing and small pests the practical organic fleeces offer a chemical-free defense. Thus saving your time and your money.

Eco-friendly PP nonwoven

PP nonwoven material is eco-friendly and recyclable and does not harm the groundwater. Unlike a polytunnel it is breathable and lets fresh air flow freely. The material thickness varies between 19, 30 or 70 g / m² depending on the various fleece products.

Earlier and bigger harvest

Another benefit of our practical PP gardening fleece is the significant harvest projection: you can bring in your harvest up to 4 weeks earlier than usual and even significantly extend the season towards the fall. This consequently means a richer harvest for you!

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Bio Plant Tunnel

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Bio Garden Fleece

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Bio Tomato Fleece Hoods

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Bio Climate Hoods, round

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Replacement Fleece Plant Tunnel


Gardening Pegs

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Bio Window Box Hoods

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Bio Better Grow Fleece 'planto pro'

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Bio Tomato Fleece 'planto pro'