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Urban and mobile: planting bags

Lightweight, portable and space saving are important attributes for city gardening. That’s the idea behind planto’s mobile or vertical planting bags.

"Urban gardening" has become a huge movement. Out of necessity, smart young urbanites longing for green created a trend: "vertical gardening" was born. Henceforth even the smallest balconies and niches could start blooming and producing edible plants. Urban gardening accessories have to be lightweight, portable and collapsible.

planto’s ultra-light plant bags are available in different versions. The hanging "Vertical Garden" can sprout a great profusion of flowers or tasty salads on a very small area. Bare walls, balcony railings or ugly gaps in the fence to the neighbor can be covered up with beautiful green.

Following the "zeitgeist" are our other planting bags: the portable "Mini Garden round" and the oval "Mini Garden" - lightweight and foldable planters fit for every creative urge on terrace and balcony. Because they can be moved with little effort, they can give  your patio or entrance a new face whenever you wish.

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Planting Bag 'Vertical Garden'


Planting Bag 'Mini Garden' oval


Planting Bag 'Mini Garden' round