Plant Bag "Mini Garden" round

Portable plant bag for easy transportation

plant bag 'minigarden', round

plant bag 'minigarden', round

Portable plant bag with broad handles that also works good as a folding bucket. With its low weight it even surpasses the common plastic planting containers. Whether you want to plant delicious strawberries or colorful flowers, the handy planting  pouch does it all. Even planting roses is possible because the drain holes prevent waterlogging.

Can also be used for transporting flower pots, garden soil or other garden accessories. It comes real handy as a tomato plant bag because in bad weather conditions you can quickly carry the sensitive plants into a safe place. The eco-friendly PP material is very strong. It can easily be cleaned  and stored after use.

  • Extra-light flower pot
  • Convenient carry handles for moving
  • Transportation aid for heavy pots
  • Space saving grow bag
  • Budget saving perennial use
  • Drain holes against waterlogging
  • Measures approx Ø 25 x 21 cm
  • Art.-No. 90111
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