Gardening Gloves for various chores

Light Garden Gloves

Useful garden accessories

Gloves for the garden are needful accessories that should be in every gardener shed. Especially female gardeners but also professional gardeners like their hands to look nice after work.

Ideal garden tool for any garden design

You not always need strong work gloves for the garden. Often you might just quickly want to cut a few flowers for the coffee table or pluck the geraniums. For these tasks light gardening gloves are perfect, they are put on quickly, they don’t make you sweat and thanks to the washing machine they are clean again in a jiffy.

Gardening gloves in a wide selection

planto's wide range of garden products also includes a nice variety of special gloves for the garden. As garden gloves, they ensure that thorns, wood splinters, nettles and Co. have no chance to hurt gardener hands. They protect against cold weather and dirty fingernails.

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Pepita Professional Gloves

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Pepita Classic Gloves

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Tall & Small Gloves


Jersey Gloves 'Comfort Grip'

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