Leather gloves

Premium multi-purpose gloves.

Leather Garden Gloves

High quality work gloves

planto's protective gloves for the garden reliably perform even coarse chores requiring a solid grip. Whether pruning thorny hedges, cutting and stacking firewood or other intensive gardening matters. They provide a solid grip plus safe hand protection.

Safety and comfort with "planto flex"

The special feature of these gloves is the top side made of super flexible material that makes them fit extremely comfortable. They are air-permeable and your hands do not sweat while working. The palms are manufactured in fine cowhide split leather. It protects hands superbly without being stiff and rigid. In short: gardening gloves or work gloves with a perfect fit for heavy duty jobs.

Leather work gloves

When it comes to real hard work planto's leather gardening gloves are the right choice. The strong cow split leather makes them ideal for permanent and particularly intensive work that requires a strong grip. On the outer side double reinforcements and stable cuffs protect where it matters. Inside the gloves are lined softly, without irritating seams. Protected with this garden accessory your hands will always look good, even after a long days hard work.

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planto flex garden gloves