Latex garden gloves

Latex Gardening Gloves

Garden gloves for dry hands

The coating of pure natural latex makes the two glove types "Sensitive Touch" and "Active Grip" ideal garden accessories.  They make gardening easier and protect your hands.

Ultra-thin glove

The snug-fitting lightweight "Sensitive Touch" are ideal garden work gloves for sensitive working, such as planting out tender young seedlings. The latex gloves are also wonderfully protective gloves: fingers and palms of the hands stay nice and dry. The soft knit material nestles like a barely perceptible second skin around the hands.

Gardening gloves with "grip"

planto’s latex gloves "Active Grip" are genuine work gloves for the garden as the name suggests. You really get a good grip with these garden gloves: The durable latex coating has a textured non-slip surface. Even wet items will not drop from your hands. The surface is made of breathable soft knit material, which adapts well to the hand and also prevents excessive sweating. These gardening gloves are ideal for wet weather and for working in muddy earth. Real work gloves for gardeners.

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'Active Grip' Garden Gloves

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'Sensitive Touch' Garden Gloves