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Children's Tool Bag "plantolino"

Handy belt bag for toys, keys, sweets and more

tool belt for kids

tool belt for kids

Cheerful children's belt pouch or belly bag in child-friendly dimensions. Thus, even the smallest gardeners have all their important garden toys always at hand. Children love the bright colors of the plantolino series.

The waist bag is adjustable and grows with its little owners. Thanks to the convenient snap lock the waist bag is quickly put on and taken off. The good manufacturing forgives rough treatment, it is very stable and has no sharp corners and edges. Simply plantolino for children.

  • Child friendly garden toy
  • No sharp edges
  • Convenient snap lock
  • Durable material, good workmanship
  • Bright colors, lightweight
  • Emission Tested
  • For children from 3 years
  • Art.-No. 90300
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