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planto GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 12
D-65582 Diez

Telefon  00 49-64 32 / 91 42 43
Telefax  00 49-64 32 / 91 42 11
eMail  info[at]

VAT No: DE 813 766 227

plantolino, planto pro and Gardener's Day are brand names of planto GmbH.

Note for letters of warning:

No letters of warning without prior contact with us! If content or presentation of these pages infringe third-party rights or the statutory provisions, we ask for a message without cost note. The removal of any infringement of intellectual property rights by such property rights owners may not take place without our consent.

We guarantee that the rightly disputed passages will be removed without any need for legal assistance. Nevertheless, we will completely reject any costs incurred by you without prior contact and, if necessary, file a counterclaim for violation of the aforementioned provisions.


The content of the planto website is protected by copyright. The reproduction of information or data, especially the use of texts, parts of texts or images requires the prior consent of planto GmbH. The content of this website, in particular all texts, images, graphics and logos, as well as their arrangements, are subject to copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. However, planto GmbH grants users the right to use, save and reproduce the texts, images and graphics provided on this website for journalistic purposes in whole or in part within the framework of the applicable press and copyright law, whereby planto GmbH is named as the source / author and a specimen copy must be made available to planto GmbH's Marketing & Communication department in Germany.

The use, storage and reproduction of the logos used on the website and their arrangements, on the other hand, require the prior consent of planto GmbH. However, the texts, images, graphics, logos etc. provided on the planto GmbH website may not be changed or copied for commercial purposes and used on other websites without prior agreement with planto GmbH.

The planto GmbH website also does not grant any license rights to the intellectual property of planto GmbH and its associated companies. All brands and logos mentioned on the website are legally protected trademarks.

Thank you for your cooperation.


October 2018


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