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Hedge Sheet / Tarpaulin Cover

Keeps garden and trunk clean and dry

hedge sheet / tarpaulin cover

hedge sheet / tarpaulin cover

This strong tarpaulin with 4 handles on every edge is an ideal helper when it comes to cutting hedges, harvesting fruit, as a firewood cover against rain or a dirt protection for the car trunk. Disposal of garden waste is really easy: after pruning the hedge or shrub and the cuttings have fallen onto the garden sheet just pick it up by the 4 handles and easily carry the waste to your compost dump.

Spread out in the boot of your car the tarpaulin keeps the car nice and clean. In the garden the hedge sheet is a tireless helper when it comes to handling green waste with thorns, collecting fruit and nuts under trees, protecting firewood against humidity.

Long lasting and environmentally friendly - like all planto products.

  • Solid tarpaulin with 4 strong handles
  • Keeps ground clean
  • Easy shred disposal
  • Saves time and labor
  • Protects against dirt and moisture
  • Also ideal as a car trunk protector tarp
  • Material: extra sturdy woven PP
  • UV-stabilized, laminated
  • Dimensions 160 x 130 cm
  • Art.- No. 90106
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