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Gardening Gloves

Garden gloves with good grip

We have just the right gardening gloves for all types of work in the garden. Whether small and tender shoots need to be rogued carefully, whether thorny roses planted or firewood has to be stacked - we have the right type of glove for you!

The fine latex gloves "Sensitive Touch" allow very delicate work with good grip. The stronger latex version "Active Grip" is suitable for coarse dirt work, especially in wet weather. Soft and warm, with grippy micro-dots our "Comfort Grip" garden gloves are the right choice for cool weather.

For really rough work such as sawing, cutting trees or handling thorny plants: planto’s strong cow split leather gloves do a really good job. Our absolute “professional” is the "planto Flex" gardening glove with breathable flexible back for perfect fit and strong leather palms for optimal hand protection.

The pretty Pepita models are quickly slipped on for light work. They are wonderfully breathable thanks to the light cotton material. And last but not least: Only planto has this special glove set for mother and child called "Tall & Small".  A matching gardening outfit for adults and kids.

Browse through our collection and let yourself get inspired.

For your safety:
Safety is very important to us. Therefore, our gloves are examined for toxic pollution by an accredited laboratory in accordance to    EN 420, so that our customers are on the safe side.

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Light Garden Gloves

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Leather Gardening Gloves

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Latex Gardening Gloves