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Garden Fleeces

Protection and growth promotion

Our popular crop protection fleeces for various application areas offer best protection from cold temperatures in winter or growth-promoting conditions in spring and summer.

Our fabrics are quality garden fleeces that were consistently made of high quality PP material. They are UV-resistant and durable. The material that we use is chemically neutral and safe for the environment.

Unlike plastic foils planto fleeces are air- and water-permeable and create their own microclimate with excellent thermal exchange. They are easy to handle and perennial.

Fleeces for spring and summer

These lightweight fleeces protect from late frosts, rain and strong winds. Also against excessive sunlight, game browsing or weeds.

Fleece hoods

Very easy and fast handling with planto fleece hoods: simply pull them over the plant, pull the drawstring, done! Ideal plant protection for sensitive young solitary trees, tomatoes, young vines or tropical fruits. Also try planto’s hoodies especially for potted plants or flower boxes.

Garden fleeces

Breathable fleece blanket for low-growing plants, young plants or for wrapping trees or shrubs. Young plants are well protected and supported to vigorous growth. The material can help to enforce a significant harvest projection and is also a great snail protection and helps against other pests.

Mulch fleece or weed control fabric

The truly natural weed protection! Fights unwanted plants without having to use chemicals. Keeps your flower beds clean without the tiresome weed plucking. Creates a comfortable microclimate for plants and holds moisture in the soil. So the practical weed control fabric has a double benefit in saving work and money: less weeding, less watering.

Plant tunnel

Offers optimum plant protection for young plants. Helps against ravenous snails, greedy birds and annoying bugs. Very easy to use, variable length. Also protects from too much sun, heavy rain or late night frosts. And if the neighbor's cat gets its claws on the tunnel: we also offer a replacement fleece.

Winter fleeces

planto’s various winter hoods and winter fleece blankets guarantee good plant protection during the cold weather period. Different sizes and thicknesses allow precise adaptation to the specific needs of the plants. The covers are installed quickly and protect potted plants and solitary plants alike. Young trees or large shrubs are best wrapped with the practical fleece blankets.


All planto fleeces are made from environmentally neutral PP and therefore harmless to plants, humans and animals. They are UV-resistant and durable. When used properly, they provide good services for several seasons. That pleases nature and your wallet also.

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Bio Plant Tunnel

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Anti Weed Fleece

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Frost protection fleeces

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Spring plant protection fleeces