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Garden Collectors

garden waste Collectors

These garden containers do not miss anything: hedge trimmings, fallen leaves, even thick branches the garden collector will happily gobble up. And: It will remain standing, even when the wind blows.

The top remains open thanks to the practical reinforcement ring ensuring the hem. The extremely strong coated PP woven fabric (220 g / m²) won’t wear out on you quickly. And the UV protection keeps the material sturdy for even longer. The collectors themselves are light as a feather. The sturdy handles are strong enough to carry even heavy green waste.

Hedge sheet

Whatever falls to the ground in the garden, wherever bits and pieces have to be picked up: the protector and collector tarpaulin saves brushing, sweeping, collecting or vacuuming. The laminated and UV-stabilized PP material (220 g / m²) can also be used for harvesting. Laid on the ground under a tree it collects fruits or nuts.

With the four sturdy corner handles of the 160 x 130 cm large tarp you can easily lift your gardening freight – even on your own: just carry the four ends together like a bag! The tarp also does a good job in the trunk of your car - transporting Christmas trees, new plants, dirty rubber boots and a lot more.

Topiary sheet

The special design of planto’s topiary cloth or sheet proved to be highly effective for trimming boxwood and solitaire plants (in England also called topiary). The strong cotton cloth with its intelligent design can easily be spread under the plant. After clipping, grab the cloth by the handles or fold it together along with the clippings. The cuttings can then be easily disposed of in the compost.

Wheel Barrow Bag

The jumbo-size Wheel Barrow Bag fits into regular wheel barrows and increases their capacity up to 250%!. It keeps open by itself leaving both hands free for filling. Ideal for dry leaves in autumn, for transporting straw, hay or shavings for stable and barn. Also very useful for car trunks and on construction sites. Thanks to the strong handles it empties very easy.

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