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Garden Bags

Beautiful bags - not only for gardening

planto’s garden bags are not only very useful for gardeners - they also have a great appearance. Because good design and high quality are important to us. Some of our garden bags are so attractive that they are often taken into town for shopping, such as the fashionable jute bag. And some are simply unbeatable in smart design and comfortable handling, such as our harvesting bags, which are a great help for fruit pickers.

planto also has great bags for children - for playing or for the nursery. For example, the practical plantolino tool bag (which we also have for adults) or the garden bag with many pockets for garden toys.

We also have a great help against dirty clothes and sore backs from carrying heavy firewood: planto’s log carrier with long comfortable handles. It holds enough wood for a long cozy evening by the fireplace.

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Jute Country Carrier


Professional Fruit Picking Bag


Gardener's Tool Belt


Harvesting Bag


Kids Tool bag


Kids Garden Bag