Bio Winter Fleecehoods

Winter protection for plants.

Winter plant protection

Winter fleeces for plant protection

Particularly sensitive plants can be protected with garden fleeces in winter. Otherwise frost, snow and wind with a high wind-chill factor can finish them off. Also, deer, hares and rabbits can kill many plants in winter.

Against frost damage

The planto winter fleeces can effectively prevent such damage. In a few simple steps they are mounted and ready to do their job. Even larger plants are grateful for a winter protection - the fleece blankets are ideal to wrap them up with no effort. For different plant sizes we offer various hood sizes and shapes.

The fabric used is made of environmentally friendly PP material in different strengths for moderate or severe frost protection. It compensates extreme temperatures and is water-, light- and air-permeable.

An additional plus: harmful vermin stays outside.

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Bio Winter Fleece Hoods