Bio Winter Fleece Hoods 'planto pro', 3 sizes

Ideal winter protection for potted plants

planto pro winterfleece hoods, 3 sizes

planto pro winterfleece hoods, 3 sizes

In display box, fits all 1/4 Chep paletts

planto pro winter fleeces make ideal frost protectors for sensitive plants. The frost preventing gardening fleece provides good frost protection for plants and can also be a shield against infestations with vermin or contagious fungal diseases.

The practical winter fleece hood for plants  also protects against excessive drying out in freezing temperatures. The application is real simple: The practical plant protection fleece hood is simply pulled over the plant and the drawstring fastened. If required, the hoods can be also be filled with insulating material.

  • Fleece Hoods for potted plants in 3 sizes
  • Helps prevent frost, wind, snow and deer browsing
  • Prevent vermin and fungi
  • Simple handling with drawstring
  • Water, light and air permeable, re-usable
  • Compensates temperature fluctuations
  • Material: PP non-woven fabric (50 g / m²)
  • Ready for sale in display box
  • Size L:  1.20 x 1.80 m / 2 pieces 0,6 x 0,8 m, 12 Sets
  • size M: 0.80 x 1.00 m / 3 pieces, 24 Sets
  • size S: 0.60 x 0.80 m / 4 pieces, 26 Sets
  • Dimensions Display Box appr. B 60 x H 38 x D 40 cm, fitting for1/4 Chep-pallets
  • Plus presentation header with product photo
  • Art.-No. 90436 - 90438


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