Bio Winter Fleece Hoods

Frost protection fleece hoods in 2 sizes

bio winterfleece hoods, 2 sizes

bio winterfleece hoods, 2 sizes

A planto fleece hood is like a winter coat for sensitive plants when it comes to covering plants for frost. They give plants frost protection and can prevent infestation by pests or fungal diseases. The practical crop protection fleece hoods also prevent excessive drying during prolonged sub-zero temperatures.

The application is very simple: The practical winter fleece cover is simply pulled over the plant and the drawstring lashed. If necessary, the hood can additionally be filled with insulating material.

  • Winter protection for sensitive plants
  • Helps against frost, wind, snow and deer browsing
  • Prevents vermin and fungus
  • Easy handling with drawcord
  • Water, light and air permeable, re-usable
  • Compensates temperature variations
  • Material: PP fabric (30 g / m²), UV-stabilized
  • 2 sizes: M: 3 pieces (0.74 x 1.50 m),   L:  2 pieces (1.48 x 2.50 m)
  • Art.-No. 90406 - 90407
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