Bio Winter Fleece Blanket "planto pro"

Easy wrap-around winter protection for plants

Winter fleece blanket 'planto pro'

Winter fleece blanket 'planto pro'

26 pieces in display box, fits all 1/4-Chep palletts

The "planto pro" winter fleece blanket is like a winter coat against frost on plants. It can prevent infestation by pests or fungal diseases. The practical plant protection fleece blanket also helps against drying-out during long sub-zero temperatures.

The application is very simple: The practical plant frost protection is wrapped around the plant. If required, the inside of the winter fleece can additionally be filled with insulating material.

  • Large fleece blanket, also suitable for trees
  • Prevents vermin and fungus
  • Helps against frost, wind, snow and deer browsing
  • Water, light and air permeable
  • Re-usable
  • Compensates temperature fluctuations
  • Material: PP non-woven fabric (30 g / m²)
  • Measures approximately 1.50 x 5 m / 7.5 m
  • Display carton appr. B 60 x H 38 x D 40 cm, fits all 1/4 Chep-palletts
  • Plus presentation-header with product photo
  • 26 pieces ready for sale
  • Art.-No. 90434
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