Bio Tomato Fleece "planto pro"

Richer harvest and best protection for tomatos

Bio Tomato Fleece 'planto pro'

Bio Tomato Fleece 'planto pro'

29 pieces in display box, fits all 1/4-Chep paletts

Do you know how to protect tomatoes from frost, heavy rain and burning sun? With planto's tomato covers you have an ideal tomato protection against bad weather. The tomato hoods come in a handy tube form for quick protection of the plant. Also for young vines and other sensitive plants. Effective tomato crop protection against pests, rain, wind, sun.

Light, air and water permeable. The ideal conditions lead to a harvest advance of at least 2 weeks. Simply cut desired length of fleece tube, pull it over the tomato plants and tie top and bottom - done!

Beautiful healthy fruits without using any chemicals!

  • Earlier harvest, healthier plants, richer harvests
  • Protects from frost, rain, heat, wind
  • Creates a favorable microclimate, re-usable
  • No chemicals needed against pests
  • Ideal heat and moisture exchange
  • Material: PP non-woven tube (19 g / m²)
  • Measures approx 0.74 x 6 m
  • Display carton appr. B 60 x H 38 x T 40 cm (fits 1/4 -Chep palletts)
  • Plus presentation header with product photo
  • 29 pieces in display box, ready for sale
  • Art.-Nr. 90432
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