Bio Plant Tunnel / Row Cover

Earlier season start and weather protection

Bio plant tunnel

Bio plant tunnel

Tender young plants sitting in a cold frame need protection from wind and weather but also air to breathe, enough light, warmth and moisture. This grow tunnel or row cover made of permeable fleece provides reliable protection and creates its own natural microclimate for better growth and rich harvest.

And the best: Annoying pests stay outside - without using any chemicals! Simply close the row cover and leave intruders outside. Also late night frosts can do no harm: a thin coat of ice forms on top of the fleece tunnel thus providing additional protection.

Unlike a polytunnel planto's fleece grow tunnel can  transpire moisture. The ideal conditions lead to a harvest projection of at least 2-3 weeks.

Thanks to the integrated round hoops setting up is a breeze. Like an accordion it can be pulled apart and then you simply press the hoops into the ground. After use simply fold it and stack it away til next season.

  • Early season start thanks to thermal effect
  • Provides protection from frost, wind, heat, pests, hail
  • Microclimate allows early harvest
  • Easy setup - tunnel preassembled
  • Material:  PP fabric (30g / m²)
  • UV-stabilized, permeable
  • Dimensions 45 x 50 x 300 cm
  • Art.-Nr. 90401
  • Spare fleece available (Art No. 90411)


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