Bio plant tunnel

Healthy growth. Bountiful harvest.

Plant Tunnel

Healthy growth and plant protection

Tender young plants need protection: against cold weather, against harsh winds, from too much sun or rain and hail. Also against voracious invaders and against diseases. The garden fleece in organic quality with which the tunnel is covered, always allows the right amount of light, air and water to permeate thus creating an ideal microclimate inside.

Plant tunnel as cold frame

Thanks to the positive thermal effect the plant tunnel start your season earlier - just like a cold frame. The plants not only grow faster and better - harvest is a earlier and richer.

Frost protection for sensitive plants

The Bio Plant Tunnel offers good frost protection for plants and often works better than a foil tunnel.  Especially on cold nights with late frosts a thin layer of ice forms on the fleece and creates a protective frost barrier inside the tunnel.

Closable tunnel

Handling of the planto planting tunnel is very easy. The tunnel is pre-assembled and only needs to be secured in the ground with the help of the metal arches. By closing the ends of the 3 meter long tunnel it can also be completely closed, for example, as a snail protection or against other invaders. And should the neighbor's cat ever get its sharp claws on your plant tunnel: we have a spare fleece!

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Bio Plant Tunnel

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Replacement Fleece Plant Tunnel