Bio Mulch Fleece / Anti Weed Fleece

Very effective ground cover and snale protection

Mulch-/Anti Weed Fleece (15m²)

Mulch-/Anti Weed Fleece (15m²)

The planto weed mat or weed barrier serves as a natural protection against unwanted weed growths. Preventing weed is really easy that way. The thick weed barrier fabric in conjunction with a strong layer of mulch makes it almost impossible for unwanted plants to sprout and grow without the use of toxic chemicals!

Installing the geotextile weed membrane is simple. Spread it on the desired area after removing the existing weeds and cut cross-shaped slots through which the existing or new plants are pushed. Then cover the weed blocker with a thick layer of bark mulch, straw, gravel or the like. Warmth and moisture will stay in the ground for longer. The plants will obtain water and nutrients in a sufficient quantity.

  • No more weeding!
  • Eco-friendly weed control without chemicals!
  • Supports desirable plants
  • Geotextile harmless to environment and nature
  • Easy installation
  • Serves as a separation fleece in path construction
  • Material: PP fabric strong (70 g / m²)
  • UV-stabilized, permeable
  • Dimensions: approximately 1.50 x 10 m
  • Art.-No. 90404
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