Bio Garden Fleece

Garden fleece is ideal plant protection against frost and vermin

Bio Garden Fleece with 6 hooks

Bio Garden Fleece with 6 hooks

Practical plant protection fleece or garden fleece for covering vegetable , lettuce, strawberries, herbs and other ground based plants. This eco-friendly geotextile also offers frost protection by creating a thin film on top of the fleece cover keeping the cold from the plants.

No chemicals needed: The plant fleece is in fact "organic": without the use of chemicals pests are kept away and you can achieve a better harvest.

The 6 included garden pegs keep the fleece cover in place to protect your tender young plants.

  • Promotes growth - without chemicals
  • Prevents pests and vermin
  • Warms the soil
  • Light and water permeable
  • Creates micro-climate, harvest projection
  • Incl. 6 plant hooks to fix to ground
  • Material: PP nonwoven, (19g / m²)
  • UV-stabilized
  • Dimensions approx 1.50 x 10 m
  • Art.- No. 90402
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