planto pro Bio weed blockers

Weed-free without chemicals.

Weed Fleeces

The best protection against weeds

Some call it weed fabric or weed-stop fabric, others call it mulch fleece or foundation fleece. They refer to planto’s eco-friendly brown PP nonwoven fleece, which provides a wonderfully simple way for clean flower beds, terraces or garden paths. Once correctly installed in the garden it prevents unpleasant back pain caused by weeding, it saves on irrigation water and prepares a pleasant microclimate for desired plants.

Extra-strong weed control fabric

The weed-stop fleece is about 40% stronger than that of many competitors. Strong enough to defy pesky weeds and to maintain order in your flower bed. The brown color makes the fleece visually merge with the background. Once covered with the desired mulch material, it becomes invisible. Best choices for cover material are bark mulch, gravel, straw or lawn cuttings. These top layers will provide additional water storage and soil warmth, without causing overheating or wetness.

Effortless installation

The laying of the organic mulch fleece is easy and requires no special horticultural skills. The surface has to be cleaned of weeds thoroughly then raked smooth and the brown fleece spread out. If plants are to remain, just cut the mulch fleece crosswise and push the plant through the resulting hole. The edges of the fleece are folded down and fastened with pegs, mulch or small stones. The same is done when installing new plants.

Excellent snail protection

By the way, our mulch fleece is also an excellent aid against snails! The pesky critters like to lay their eggs in the earth, the solid fleece material makes it almost impossible for the mollusks to penetrate the material.  Also they cannot move well on the fleece itself, nor on bark or similar mulch material.

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